Diplomatic Transmition *Part One* - Growth and Unification

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Diplomatic Transmition *Part One* - Growth and Unification

Inlägg  Fleet Admiral Singh i ons jan 20, 2010 2:05 pm

Salutations, fellow fleet admirals and fleet representatives.

My name is Fleet Admiral Singh, as of now Septima Lupus are looking for strong alliances and treaties, with like minded fleets.
To bond friendly ties and oaths of cooperation in these troubled times. Our fleet is a fleet of action, we bring to the table experience
and hardwork. Until today we have never backed away from a fight and wont backdown, to do so would be to blemish our reputation
and honor rolls.No fleet action or confrontation can scare us, and when one of our allies call for us, we come in force always as the
hunting pack of wolves. Fangs bared and claws sharpened we respond with furiosity and never relent or give ground to any foe.

At the moment Septima are intressted in bonding and making bonds of friendship with other fleets, and are looking to see if any fleet
out there have the same goals.

If our goals are made, we will want to have some other Fleets from wereever they may herald from. To be our brothers in arms.

The goal of such alliances would be to have a response to come to the aid of each other either in PvP or PvE/Fleet Actions if needed.
Either with a singel member or with several. And to grow togheter in the vast and beutiful worlds we will come to share as our STO

If this sound like an intressting proposal we welcome small to medium fleets to join up with us. And we would be honored if any of the
large guild that would be intressted in a small Fleet and join up with us to share the hunt!

God Jakt,
Flott Admiral Singh Ärad Gammelulv
Fleet Admiral Singh

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